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Re: Are the GRUB packages maintained or orphaned?

On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 12:11:25PM +1000, Jason Thomas wrote:
> Hi, grub hasn't been orphaned. It is maintained by a group colaboration
> on the pkg-grub-devel mailing list. I've had little time to work on grub
> lately and all the update-grub stuff has been left upto me.

Meta-question:  the package description page is generated from the text
in the debian/control file.  The package's QA page is entirely generated.

Do packages have any "status/whiteboard/notes" pages, where the package
maintainers can make small announcements, like "I'm completely buried
by other work and will not have time to do anything until 2050, when my
clones are supposed to arrive and can take up the slack"?

> I attempted to re-write update-grub and when I asked for feed back I got
> none.
> If you'd like to be involved let me know.

I don't dare subscribe to any of the debian-* lists.  The spam alone would
swamp my system, and I just can't read that much traffic.  Or even skim it.

But I'll certainly test update-grub scripts for you.  I keep backups
of menu.lst, after all.  As long as you don't add a call to reboot(8)
or fdisk(8) in there, I'll happily try them out.  :-)

> Anyway my main point is you can't just go apply the patch that came
> with the bug report most of the time there wrong or short sighted.

Well, okay, but /say so/.  A one-line message to the bug's audit trail
would at least let future readers know that 1) the bug is not being ignored,
and 2) the suggested fix has a potential problem.

Look at it from my viewpoint.  I'm a scientist, by training and profession.
I judge based only on the evidence, and my experience.

  - My /experience/ is that the script is broken.

  - There's no /evidence/ in the BTS that anybody cares.

Now, from this email, I've learned that you /do/ care, but I know that
only because I poked and prodded and complained.  You could preempt this
kind of situation by simple acknowledgements to bug reports.

> You'll have to test them throughly and understand them completely.

The patch in 211096 works for me.  I don't really want to use LABEL=
in my fstab -- as an old-school Unix guy it Just Don't Seem Right --
but there's no other way to boot both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels since 2.6 has
renamed the devices that 2.4 treated as SCSI.

By an amusing coincidence, my sig selector choose...

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>      -- Branden Robinson, 2001

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