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ssh & ssh-askpass obnoxious dialogs

I just updated ssh from debian unstable... And a horrible 'enhancement' just reared its ugly head.

It would appear that now when you attempt to ssh out from an xterm that has its DISPLAY env set, some poxy ssh-askpass pops up and gets you to type your password into it, instead of there being a prompt on your terminal that you actually kicked off ssh from...

First question... How do I disable this from happening without having to either change my DISPLAY env, and without specifying additional parameters on the command line? if I'd wanted some X window popup for authentication, I'd be running windoze!

There appears to be no man page for ssh-askpass, nor any docs in the man pages for ssh or ssh_config that would affect this obnoxious (IMO) behaviour...

Oh... The default failure mode for this is to break BTW, because although ssh appears to REQUIRE ssh-askpass, it doesn't get installed as a pre-req!


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