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Re: config.sub and config.status in the diff?

Hi Bob!

You wrote:

> martin f krafft wrote:
> >   cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub config.sub
> >   cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.guess config.guess
> > 
> > This has the effect that config.s{ub,tatus} are included in the
> > generated .diff.gz file. Is this the intention? I think they should
> > not be part of the diff. What's the motivation here?
> Sometimes the upstream files use libtool, which uses config.guess, and
> config.guess is too old to recognize one of the non-x86 architectures
> such as ia64.  Something needs to happen to enable the package to
> build on those architectures.  Updating the config.guess is just
> natural.  That it is included in the diff.gz is just a side-effect.

Why not just replacing the config.sub and config.guess by the original
versions in the clean target?  That way, the files will still be up to
dat during the build, but won't be distributed in the diff.gz.

Kind regards,
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