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Re: What happened to libmagick(++)5.5.7?

On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 06:18:29PM +0100, Henning Makholm wrote:
> Since somewhen in 2003 we've had libmagick5.5.7 and libmagick++5.5.7.
> Then this week the following was uploaded in rapid succession:
>  last Sunday: imagemagick, building libmagick(++)6.0.1
>     Thursday: imagemagick, building libmagick(++)6

The 6.0.1 naming was a mistake that the maintainer quickly fixed with
the -2 upload. Unfortunately it's the kind of mistake that diffuses to
further packages. I was busy the last couple of days, but I'll go check
which packages are affected and file bugs asking for a rebuild.

> Is there perhaps a rule that says that binary packages that have been
> dropped by their source package survive until the next time the source
> package changes its set of binary packages? If so, would it be
> possible to resurrect libmagick(++)5.5.7 in sid - four days is a
> rather short timeframe in which to recompile everything that depended
> on the older package.

The new version needs to be built and uploaded for all archs before the
old source package vanishes. The dangling old binary packages are
removed afterwards, and as far as I know, the removal needs to be
acknowledged manually, so there might be a short delay. libmagick5.5.7
could only be resurrected by uploading a differently named source
package, say, imagemagick-libsonly5.5.7. It depends on the magnitude of
the (so)name change whether such a compatibility package is necessary.
imagemagick 6.0 should be source compatible with 5.5.7, so I hope we're
able to deal with this issue without having to keep around compatibility
cruft, and just get the rebuilds done.



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