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Re: Security Supporting Debian Kernels in Sarge

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) [040425 16:55]:
> Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> > > kernel-source-2.6.3   testing   2.6.3-2     all source
> > > kernel-source-2.6.4   testing   2.6.4-1     all source
> > > kernel-source-2.6.5   testing   2.6.5-1     all source
> > I really don't see why we need all of these.  Can't we just stick with they
> > newest 2.6 and leave out the previous point releases?  2.6 point releases
> > seem to have been pretty good about not breaking anything.  Why not, for
> > that matter, just have a kernel-source-2.6 package?

> Are you able to monitor which 2.6 kernels enter unstable/testing and
> discuss with the port maintainers that use them whether older versions
> could be dropped?  That would hopefully improve this part of the problem.

I'm putting this now on a promiment position on my TODO-list.

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