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RE: "service" command like that in Red Hat

What is the point of adding a "service" command?  Is it to save a few
keystrokes?  Then it's not worth the added complexity and overhead.  
I can save even more keystrokes by setting:


so that I can do:

    $S/foo start

(Compared with the program proposed earlier this has the advantage of
working with initscripts that accept more than one argument.)

Is the point to make Debian work like RedHat?  Debian doesn't work
like RedHat and this command won't change that fact; it will only
hide it -- which is bad.

The discussion here has proved that people have different expectations
of what such a command would do.  The command would only introduce
ambiguity where there is now a clear distinction between
"/etc/init.d/foo action" and "invoke-rc.d foo action".

If this command is introduced then it should be in the sysvinit 
package, not some optional package.  Otherwise if I want to use
"service" in my package then I have to make the package Depend on
Thomas Hood

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