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Re: Security Supporting Debian Kernels in Sarge

* Nathanael Nerode (neroden@twcny.rr.com) [040423 22:40]:
> Martin Schulze wrote:
> >   2. It is insane to expect us to support three main kernel lines
> >      (2.2, 2.4 *and* 2.6).

> The main problem here appears to be the arch which still isn't supported by
> 2.4 or 2.6, namely m68k.  2.2 is pretty dead development-wise anyway and is
> likely to security holes which were fixed incidentally during 2.4
> development.  :-P
> I see only one way to deal with that: drop security support for m68k.  :-P

No. The other way would be to ask the m68k-porters if they can do the
security support of the 2.2-kernels, and remove all 2.2-kernels except
for m68k from sarge.

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