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Re: bts2ldap: possible coming features

hey andreas,

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 10:24:54PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> there are a few features I'm thinking about to implement in the
> bts2ldap-Gateway. I'd like your comments whether they're useful or
> not.

i've been messing around with the bts2ldap gateway, and i have to
say it's really cool!  having the bts accessible via ldap makes
it really easy to search for bugs matching specific criteria
in ways that aren't so easy via the bts (and plus you don't have
to parse all that nasty html!).

i sat down earlier this afternoon and in no time at all had a script that
returns all rc bugs filed within the last 24 hours.  this isn't so nifty
by itself (we already have this functionality), but i think it hints
at some of the cool stuff possible.

for example you could query the bts from the cmdline with all the
options available from the web interface.  or even better, track open bugs
(via cron and some local db files) for the specific software installed
on your machine.  i'll be messing around with this a little more in the
days to come -- if anyone's interested i'll share the code.

> Last Changed Time: Same as before.

i think this one would be convenient and not too hard to implement.

also, if you're fielding ideas from the crowd, how about a
Package Version (debbugsPackageVersion?) for the reports where
this info can be extracted.


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