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bts2ldap: possible coming features


there are a few features I'm thinking about to implement in the
bts2ldap-Gateway. I'd like your comments whether they're useful or

Source Package: This information could be added to the ldap-Gateway.
Advantage: Any script that needs that doesn't need to implement it's
own code (e.g. for the ldap2bugs-script for qa.d.o/developer.php).
Disadvantage: The ldap-index-file get's larger, and I don't want to
bloat it.

Last Changed Time: Same as before.

Both changes are not too much effort to implement.

Another change is more or less already in work: Store the information
in a normal ldap-database, and update it (with only the changes) more
or less immediatly after they're on the hard disk.

I appreciate your comments.

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