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Re: Bug#243378: t1lib 5.0.2 Debian prerelease is available

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On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 02:07:47PM -0400, Clint Adams wrote:
> > Could you provide an example of pdf which crashes xpdf?
> I thought I reported this already, but maybe not.
> http://www.mta.info/nyct/maps/busqns.pdf
> will segfault xpdf when zooming to 400%.
> gv does not segfault on the same file and operation
> This is on ultrasparc, BTW.
I cannot replicate this bug on i386 using xpdf 3.00-5 and libt1-5 5.0.2-2.
Clint, could you generate a core or backtrace from this crash?
Could anyone using ultrasparc check if this bug is replicable?

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