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Re: Two postinsts that generate the same file - who owns it?

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> The main questions: Since it is not possible to determine which postinst
> has generated the preprocessed data file, who "owns" it?  That is, when

Whichever package(s) uses the 'complied' dataset, IMHO.

If you envision two different packages using the same 'compiled' dataset,
you should do reference counting (by package name, please -- it is less
error-prone), and remove the 'compiled' dataset when the last package using
it is removed.

> As a side question, where should the preprocessed data go --
> /usr/share/<program-package>/ or /var/lib/<program-package>?

/var/lib/<program-package>.  Don't stuff /usr/share with variable data.

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