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Re: Purge of firmware to recommence

On Tue, April 20, 2004 at 12:55, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Hi:
> In accordance with the latest directive from the RM, I shall recommence
> the removal of non-free firmware where no acceptable solution using
> user-space firmware loaders has been provided.
> This will take place with the next upstream release of the respective
> packages, i.e., 2.2.26/2.4.27/2.6.6.
> If it gets real close to the release and no upstream release is in
> sight, then I will remove the firmware from the version that we
> currently have.

hopefully, the impact on general debian users has been considered -
especially those unable to build their own kernel from kernel.org-sources.

but then again, at least it's free, right?

from my impressions (reading the discussions on debian-devel), the debian
point of view regarding those who have to live with "wrong" (i.e. using
non-free firmware) hardware seems to be something like "tough luck,
(or possibly "MY hardware works, so what?").

is this really desirable?

(not using debian kernel-(images|sources) for years because of obvious
reasons - kernel-package rules)

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