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Re: kernel security update in stable

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:

>> For the kernel, would it be feasible that before the package are made
>> available to the wide public, they got installed with success on, at
>> least, 2 differents machines.
> Well, in general yes.  The other kernels were test-booted.

So it was definitely bad luck this time.

>> I have to say that I got a server that will require manual
>> intervention due to yesterday broken package (next time, I'll
>> definitely make a dpkg --listfiles after kernel upgrade), that's a
>> pain in the ass. It is not a big deal because this machine does not
>> run any public service, but it's still annoying. 
> You can simplify this by installing debdiff and wdiff.  Just for your
> information.

I'll do that. Thanks for the tip.


Mathieu Roy

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