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[leon@magic.shiman.com: XOrg Foundation Opens Membership and Elections]

[Forward at will to anyone who may be interested.]

Hi all,
This notice is from X.Org, who recently released X11R6.7. The X.Org
Foundation, which oversees X.Org activities much like GNOME's GNOME
Foundation, has opened up its membership, and will soon be holding

Elections will be held for the board of directors, and for the
architecture group, which will help decide direction in a more
technical way than the board.

If you're at all intrested in X, I urge you to at least become a member
of X.Org, and consider running for either the board or architecture
group. Membership gives you the right to vote for the board and
architecture group - effectively, have a say in how X is managed.

It is probably worth mentioning that the X.Org Foundation is a group
with massive buy-in at this point - Sun, HP, old X.Org/Open Group
people, lots of former XFree86 developers, most of the freedesktop.org X
developers, Debian developers, GNOME developers (and a Foundation board
member), KDE developers, and others.

:) d, X.Org member

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Message-Id: <200404191242.i3JCgC427278@magic.shiman.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 08:42:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Leon Shiman <leon@magic.shiman.com>
Subject: XOrg Foundation Opens Membership and Elections

To active developers and users of the X Window System:

You are invited to join and help shape the direction of the new X.Org 
Foundation. Membership in the X.Org Foundation is now open and free.
Applications for membership are sought from all contributors to the X 
and Desktop communities. 
The Interim Board of directors has established that examples of acceptable 
contributions that will qualify you for membership in the Foundation include 
coding, bug-fixing, testing, design, documentation, translation, 
administration or maintenance of project-wide resources, speaking at 
conferences, and supporting bugzilla or release management.

Should you wish to apply for free membership in the X.Org Foundation, then 
please visit:


All Members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors and the 
Architecture Group of the XOrg Foundation. The XOrg Foundation is now  
seeking nominations for candidates for election to these groups.

Nominations for each election are open until 23.59 PDT on Friday 30th April 
2004 for those Members of the X.Org Foundation who wish to stand for 
election. You may nominate yourself for election. You may not nominate any 
other member.

There will be 8 people elected to each of the Board of Directors and the 
Architecture Group. In this first year of the X.Org Foundation, the four 
candidates polling the most votes in each election will be granted a two 
year term of office (until June 2006), and the next four candidates will 
receive 1 year term of office (until June 2005). In subsequent years, four 
seats of each group will be re-elected in the annual elections.

It is permissible for a candidate to stand for election for both the Board 
of Directors and the Architecture Group.

The responsibilities of an elected person are detailed in the current 
Bylaws of the X.Org Foundation, which can be found at: 


In addition, an elected person will be required to attend the annual 
meeting of the X.Org Foundation, which will be held a location determined 
in advance by the Board of Directors.

Should you wish to enter your candidacy for these elections, then please 
prepare a personal statement of up to 200 words that can be provided to 
prospective voters. This statement, and the statement of contribution to 
the X.Org Foundation (which you completed when applying for membership) 
will be made available to all voters to help them make their voting 

Once you have completed your personal statement, then you may visit:


to enter your candidacy for the X.Org Foundation elections.

We look forward to your membership and candidacy submissions,

The Interim Board
  X.Org Foundation.

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