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Re: Full Debian install impressions and facts

>On 18.IV.2004 at 13:27 (-0500) Branden Robinson wrote:
>> The main challenge here, as I understand it, is that d-i basically uses
>> console-data's paradigm for keyboard description.  So what we need is a
>> gigantic mapping table in xserver-xfree86.config to translate
>> console-data keyboard descriptions into XKB
>> Rules/Model/Layout(/Variant?) tuples.
>The package console-cyrillic does the oposite for the Cyrillic
>languages.  This package is simply an inteligent wrapper arount
>`consolechars' and `loadkeys'.  It provides the Linux console with
>flexible keyboard configuration similar to what xkb provides to X
>It is possible to extend the functionality of console-cyrillic to
>cover non-Cyrillic languages, but this would require manual conversion
>of the files in /etc/X11/xkb/symbols to another format.
>Anton Zinoviev

One of my post-sarge TODO items for console-tools is to
implement xkb keyboard parsing in loadkeys (using X11 libraries). Then merging
the two keymap sets, with the
X ones being definitive (ie removing separate keymaps
for the console).

So I would prefer to have the table in console-data
and have kbd-chooser / prebaseconfig seed the debconf database
for X11. 

Any comments?
What debconf entries would need to be set?

- Alastair

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