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Re: fibusql bugs [was: massfiling]

Hi Martin,

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Martin Pitt wrote:

> > Package:    fibusql
> > Maintainer: Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>
> > Problem:    maint scripts can mangle httpd.conf user changes
> Currently I store the php scripts in /usr/share/fibusql/ and want to
> install an Alias to http://localhost/fibusql. In previous versions of
> apache there was no conf.d/ directory, thus the user was supposed to
> configure the Alias on her own. With the existence of conf.d/, my
> maintainer scripts check whether there already is an alias in
> httpd.conf (just a grep) and if not, install an Alias file into
> /etc/apache[-ssl]/conf.d.
> If putting a file into conf.d/ is regarded as "mangling user changes",
> then why was conf.d/ introduced in the first place?

Using conf.d is ok.

As I wrote in another mail to this thread i can't
remember all the exact details for each package, but if i remember
correctly there is something wrong with the grep/echo >> you do to
httpd.conf (but i will check it again if you want me to)

> If there is a standard and clean way to install web applications, I
> would be happy to get to know and implement it. I just don't want to
> put the scripts into the sitewide DocumentRoot directory.

Well we can only suggest to use conf.d. apache configuration files are
so flexible that it is impossible to be sure 100% that a change done
automatically (such as adding something somewhere) will not break them.
I consider this a great feature of apache but of course it gives us a lot
of headacke.

> > Package:    fibusql
> > Maintainer: Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>
> > Problem:    It does not depend/support apache-perl
> Oops, did not know about this package either, I will support it in the
> future. Currently fibusql does not depend on just httpd since I don't
> know a way to install a web application in arbitrary webservers.
> Thanks in advance for any hints!

Thanks to you for your fast response!


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