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DEBBUILDOPTS and debian package


  I'm currently building gnome 2.6 on sparc using pbuilder with the following
DEBBUILDOPTS="-mcpu=ultrasparc -m32"

 For anyone familiary with the current sparc setup this ensures I get 32 bit
binaries out of pbuilder and if I don't then DEBBUILDOPTS isn't being used
by the package.  So far I've run across about 3 of these packages and I expect
to find many more as I go through.   I don't know how pbuilder passes 
DEBBUILDOPTS down to the build so I don't know how dpkg-buildpackage takes
extra arguments and passes them to debian/rules, so my bugs so far have been
a bit vague.

 To my point.  Should I file these bugs as normal, wishlist, or not at all.

James A. Morrison
p.s. please keep me cc'd.

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