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Re: firmware is just data. we need to decide our rules for data.


> > "As free as it would be useful for us", IMHO.
> That's a horrible way to define freedom. Having an operating
> preinstalled on your hard disk is useful, too, because you don't have to
> waste any time configuring your computer and any hardware in it. That
> doesn't mean you would define Windows as Free Software, does it?

That is different from what i said. I said: if we couldn't use the
windows source code or the money then i would consider it to be free.

> Yes, but that does in no way mean "it is free". If there would be a law

I didn't remove the other DFSG requirements. I just changed the "what is
source" requirement.
Which is very unprecise right now for non-standard things like firmware
or any other data.

What is the source of a ttf file?

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