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Re: Enabling/disabling/floating services in runlevels

In article <[🔎] 1081929107.3393.78.camel@minas-tirith.u-bordeaux3.fr>,
Patrice Fortier  <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote:
>Le ven 09/04/2004 à 21:35, J.D. Hood a écrit :
>>  --- Patrice Fortier <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote: 
>> > Which is wrong, as it _is_ configured.
>> No it isn't, because a total absence of symlinks is not a valid
>> configuration.
>Of course it is a valid config.
>Just tell me where there is written, on generic sysV doc (ie: not on
>debian doc, or the update-rc.d doc), about init/rc?.d that this is not a
>valid (forbidden) configuration?
>I agree that it is not a valid config for update-rc.d (and only for
>_this one_), and I'm saying that it is a bug as it is a valid config
>for _everybody else_.
>> A total absence of symlinks isn't left alone on upgrade because
>> update-rc.d interprets this as the unconfigured state.  This is
>> by design.
>I understand that, but where does this interpretation comes from?

I am the maintainer of sysvinit, and I Say So.

The real reason, ofcourse, is that this horse has been beaten
to death six times over already. The poor animal.


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