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Re: Enabling/disabling/floating services in runlevels

 --- Patrice Fortier <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote: 
> Which is wrong, as it _is_ configured.

No it isn't, because a total absence of symlinks is not a valid
configuration.  In this (invalid) configuration:
* The configuration won't be left alone on upgrade.
* If the service is started manually then it won't be stopped
  on entering runlevels 0 or 6 as it should be.

A total absence of symlinks isn't left alone on upgrade because
update-rc.d interprets this as the unconfigured state.  This is
by design.

> > If a service is configured as floating in runlevel R and the package is
> > upgraded while the system is running in R then the service will be
> > started whether or not it was running before.
> > This problem is in addition to the one mentioned by John Hasler.
> Agreed.
> A good way to solve this would be to implement invoke-rc.d status.
> But let's keep this one for later :).

We really aren't arguing in a circle.  We are talking past each other.
I am talking about how sysv-rc should be configured _today_.  The
people who want to delete rc symlinks are all talking about how they
_wished_ sysv-rc would work. 

> [...] to disable a service you can also remove _all_
> references to this service in /etc/rc?.d/.
> This means "disabled". Don't start it. Don't stop it. Never.

You regard this as "disabled".  But the other half of the crowd
that wants to delete rc symlinks wants to delete them in order
to put services under "manual control".  If services are started
manually then they should still be stopped in runlevels 0 and 6.
So _they_ still need _some_ K symlinks.

_You_ seem to be saying that you don't need any K symlinks because
you aren't starting services manually.  Fine.  Then you can
disable the services in the standard way -- by installing K 
symlinks in all runlevels.

Given that there is one correct way of disabling a service, I
don't understand why you persist in demanding a second way
which isn't currently supported.

Thomas Hood

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