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Re: apt-listchanges (Re: Advice on how best to handle non-backwards compatibility)

Quoting Joe Drew (hoserhead@woot.net):

> > Also, is it a bad idea to use debconf notes to achieve the same thing as
> > the NEWS file? If so, why?
> Yes. Debconf notes are intrusive and most of the time entirely
> unnecessary.

At least, package maintainers who remove "useless notes" from their
debconf templates, please make your possible for preserving the
current translations...even if they're not currently used. At least
until a solution for localised NEWS.Debian files exists

For instance, you may just keep the notes in the package templates and
simply not use it in the maintainer scripts.

With this and with a special tool such as debconf2NEWS (to be
written...:-))), automated conversion without losing information and
good work could become possible.

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