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needs_root-field for menu-package needed (su-to-root is not sufficient)


while working on some packages I noticed that it would be nice to have a 
"needs_root"-field in menu-files, like with needs="Text" ..

At the moment packages must use su-to-root, which does not always work with 
X11-Programs ... 
I don't think the "fix" to use su -p is always sufficient; 
think of a NFS-volume. 
Better is to merge the Xauth-Info ...

The alternative is to use kdesu or gksu and prefix the command.

What I would like to discuss is to have:


which would be mapped by a KDE-Menu-Method to:

Exec=kdesu -- foo

and by a gnome method to:

Exec=gksu -- foo

by a window maker method for example to:

xterm -e "su-to-root-fixed foo"

I'll also write to Freedesktop.org and ask for Including the same field in the 

I think this would give the packagers more flexibility and also the 
corresponding DE.

What do you think?



PS: Please cc me, as I'm not subscribed, yet.

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