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update-menus vs. KDE 3.2


we at Knoppix Project were not satisfied with the existing update-menus 
solution, which just did add a Debian-Menu to the top of the K-Menu.

I have now written a small bash-script, which integrates the Debian-Menu more 
nicely into the K-Menu. (attached)

It also "fixes" missing icons (Yes, I'll report bugs against this packages as 
soon as possible), adds GenericNames (longtitle menu 
field) and localisation of categories.

Run it as root after you have run update-menus in the same dir as 
section_icons. (Perhaps this file could be integrated, too)

[ It can be possible that for KDE-CVS packages kdelibs-bin needs to be changed 
to kicker ]

Yes, I also know that a hook into update-menus would have been nicer, but this 
is future work.

The only thing you need to do after that is to 
change /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu to:

+        <MergeFile>debian-menu.menu</MergeFile>

To actually merge the debian-menu into the K-Menu.



PS: Please cc me as I'm not subscribed, yet.

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