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Re: Enabling/disabling/floating services in runlevels


Am Do, den 08.04.2004 schrieb J.D. Hood um 20:43:
> i) In the sysv-rc system we have today, the correct way to control
>    a service is to set up for it either an S or a K symlink in each
>    of the runlevel directories rc2.d through rc5.d , plus K symlinks
>    in rc0.d and rc6.d.  (I am excluding from consideration those
>    initscripts that get run from /etc/rcS.d/.  They are different.)

I think this is a sane way to tackle this problem. What we need is good,
visible documentation, full support by all related programs and nobody
telling people to use update-rc.d on mailing lists and icq... then we
might succeed in solving this once for all.

my 2¢

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