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Re: debian sarge - sparc64 - status ?

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 09:35:34PM +0200, Gerald Leier wrote:

> and a few minutes ago
>  someone gave the hint to ask at this list if the sarge installers
>  are even usable? or how stable the sparc port is? or in what stage?
>  i also would like to give a little help on getting the sparc stuff
>  usable. im no programmer i just got a few e250 and e450 around
>  here where i can build and test stuff.
> if someone working on the sparc installer/port is interested in testing on
> usparcII: e250,e450... just send me a mail...

debian-boot@lists.debian.org would be the most beneficial place to have this

 - mdz

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