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debian sarge - sparc64 - status ?

hi folks,

i am playing around with vserver and some other new toys and
am therefore in need for recent libc, compilers and so on.

i tried to update a woody to that point but its just to much
dependencies...so i quit and thought... lets try sarge. its allready
2.6.x ready and comes with recent versions of tools.

but im having problems with it over and over...

the netboot doesnt work...after an upgrade+reboot the rootfs is ro mounted
also the machines i dist-upgraded have some strange behavior like for example
the boot process stops after initializing the  network....

and a few minutes ago
 someone gave the hint to ask at this list if the sarge installers
 are even usable? or how stable the sparc port is? or in what stage?
 i also would like to give a little help on getting the sparc stuff
 usable. im no programmer i just got a few e250 and e450 around
 here where i can build and test stuff.

if someone working on the sparc installer/port is interested in testing on
usparcII: e250,e450... just send me a mail...


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