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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:
> > It's only Taiwan that's weird, because (1) the resulting long name
> > isn't a real name at all, but the rather awkward construct:
> > "Province of China Taiwan" and obviously (2) that isn't the
> > self-declared name of the country[2].
>    there's also SLOVAKIA (Slovak republic). so we have two names. so
>    what. do we have to give up one?

No, why do you ask?  I never said that.  I presume in this case, the
first word is the common name, and the parenthesized part is the
official name, but both are presumably forms acceptable to Slovakia.

[The use of parentheses seems pretty random though.]

> > [2] Which as far as I can figure is "Republic of China (Taiwan)";
> >     I'm not sure how one would actually fit this into the
> >     comma-separated-prefix scheme... :-/
> changing the names of countries is in some cases making a political
> statement, in other cases it's just rude (why not call the country
> whatever it wants to be called)

Yeah, it's rude, and it's what the current text does:  it calls Taiwan
something they don't want to be called.

> btw funny that there' united states, not united states of america (I
> thought the latter is the official name)

No idea about that; could be a bug... :-)

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