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Re: ifupdown needs an actual maintainer

On Fri, 02 Apr 2004 13:45:10 -0500, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> There is obviously a bug in Debian the project, if a person who hasn't
> made a release in over two years is still listed as "maintainer".


This shouldn't have to be a power play. If Anthony has to resort to means
such as "your e-mail manners are terrible" to justify keeping 'his'
package (which I no longer believe is his since all of the great NMUs that
have gone and fixed many bugs), then I don't think he really has any good
reason anymore to keep it.

Any other maintainer would highly appreciate someone who is willing to
take up the burden of maintaining a highly used package that he or she no
longer has the time to maintain well. I suspect that once I go to college
I'd have to do this with at least some of my packages, and I'd welcome it.

Joshua Kwan

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