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Re: ifupdown needs an actual maintainer

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 11:35:59AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Or should someone else upload an ifdownup so your package doesn't get
> taken from you?

That's already been worked on, thanks (see the attached file). I find it
funny that some people will start flaming as soon as something shows up
instead of trying to focus that energy towards fixing bugs and providing



PS: Is there a way you or any others could know I was preparing an
NMU before this mail? Probably only if you had mailed aj himself, or if you 
had been reading some of my comments in #debian-devel
diff -Nru ifupdown-0.6.4.old/debian/changelog ifupdown-0.6.4/debian/changelog
--- ifupdown-0.6.4.old/debian/changelog	2004-03-31 01:34:13.000000000 +0200
+++ ifupdown-0.6.4/debian/changelog	2004-04-02 18:27:29.000000000 +0200
@@ -1,3 +1,112 @@
+ifupdown (0.6.4-4.7) unstable; urgency=low
+  * Non-maintainer upload. This is mostly a bug-fix release, no new
+    features have been added and the behaviour of ifupdown has only changed
+    slightly.
+    - Ifupdown.dvi now depends on *eps files (Closes: #101204)
+    - Added missing Build-Dep to noweb since the Makefile calls makenwdep.sh
+      (and it calls 'noroots') on build.
+    - Remove the undocumented (and unused) -s option from the manpage and the
+      main.c code.
+      (Closes: #231404)
+    - inet6.defn
+      + Make it possible to run an v4tunnel without an address (Closes: #96265)
+    - inet.defn
+      + Included different handling of dhclient3 versus dhclient.
+      + Avoids inconsistency in interface state if the command run
+       by ifup fails, also added -e option to dhclient in order to 
+       have it return an error if it cannot get an address. 
+       Notice that this is not yet done with dhclient3 (-1) since that would
+       mean not running dhclient3 as a daemon and renews not being done.
+       (Closes: #97782, #82339, #113338, #148666, #169194)
+      + An independent lease file is created per interface so that dhclient
+       can be used in more than one interface (Closes: #196366)
+      + If dhcp3-client is installed (the binary /sbin/dhclient3 is available)
+       then use the -r option instead of with a KILL signal, this enables
+       it to release the DHCP release an execute the hook script before
+       exiting. Also, the package now suggests 'dhcp-client | dhcp3-client'
+       (since dhcp3-client does not provide dhcp-client as pump does)
+       (Closes: #196865)
+      + Added a metric option for routes, notice, however, the dhclient's
+       -e (undocumented) option is not included from the provided patch.
+       (Closes: #235993)
+      + Use -r instead of -k when DHCP interfaces using pump are downed in 
+       order to avoid killing all interfaces (only release the one asked for)
+       (Closes: #198841)
+      + Properly implement the 'hw' option in interfaces by defining the 
+       hardware address before upping the interface. 
+       (Closes: #224468, #84602)
+      + Allow setting of the hw address in the dhcp method as suggested
+       (Closes: #135502)
+    - examples:
+      + Added an example in the interfaces file on how to setup an interface
+       with multiple IP addresses. I've added a warning, though, since this
+       is expected not to work in some cases and might generate inconsistencies
+       between the real state and the one noted down in the interfaces state
+       file. It is worth documenting this option (with known caveats) rather
+       than have users figure it out for themselves.
+       (Closes: #172147)
+      + Added sample scripts ('ensureifup' and 'ifstate') to ensure that
+       interfaces are always up (might be useful for crappy ISP providers)
+       as provided by Yann Dirson (Closes: #86902)
+      + Provide a 'generate-interfaces.pl' script under the examples dir
+       in order to facilitate migration of network configuration in 
+       pre-woody systems. This script might also be useful to migrate other
+       Linux systems to Debian.
+       (Closes: #57830)
+      + Added a sample 'ifstate-complex' command. Since it is not documented
+        I'm adding it to the examples and not closing #153222 with it (yet)
+      + Fixed a syntax error in the 'check-mac-address.sh' script and added
+        both a little bit of comment code and proper usage.
+      + Provided an example on how to setup an interface without IP address
+        using the 'manual' method. This is suitable for some cases where we 
+        only want to have the interface to be up. This example can be used
+        to setup PPPOE interfaces or network IDS listening on a network. 
+        This might not be as good as providing a specific method but the
+        maintainer considers that this is the way it should be handled.
+        Also, provided an example bridge configuration script that can
+        be setup in /e/n/if-{pre-up,down}.d/ in order to setup bridges.
+        (Closes: #76142, #92993, #129003, #164823, #171981)
+    - Interfaces(5).pre:
+      + Slight improvement in to better describe mapping and point to 
+       the examples available 
+       (Closes: #232594)
+      + Minor change in the manpage to avoid people being misled
+       (Closes: #232347)
+      + Documented known bugs or limitations.
+      + Reference the location of the network examples.
+      + Reference also the "Debian Reference" manual since it is more
+        verbose in how /e/n/interfaces and ifupdown works.
+    - Ifup(8):
+      + Document that the -a option will take down all interfaces.
+       (Closes: #208607)
+      + Also describe in which order are interfaces started/stopped when
+        using -a which might avoid confusion, see  #208700 for example.
+      + Changed manpage name to ifup (instead of ifupdown).
+       (Closes: #81150)
+      + Document known bugs in the manpage: state maintained is sometimes
+       lost, the ifstate needs to be writable and there is a known deadlock
+       issue.
+      + Document known "limitations" and refer readers to alternatives to
+        monitor interface changes such as ifupd and hotplug.
+    - Translations:
+      + Added Spanish debconf translation provided by Carlos Valdivia 
+       (Closes: #207727)
+      + Added Japanese debconf translation provided by Kenshi Muto 
+       (Closes: #210436)
+      + Added Dutch debconf translation provided by Tim Dijkstra
+       (Closes: #213723)
+      + Added Greek debconf translation provided by Konstantinos Margaritis
+       (Closes: #229503, #229527)
+      + Added simplified Chinese debconf translation provided by Hiei Xu
+       (Closes: #231910)
+      + Added Czech debconf translation provided by Miroslav Kure
+       (Closes: #231995)
+      + Added Turkish debconf translation provided by Recai Oktas 
+       (Closes: #239142)
+ -- Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@computer.org>  Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:52:59 +0200
 ifupdown (0.6.4-4.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Non-maintainer upload

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