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Re: New summary: Binary peripheral software

Herbert Xu dijo [Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 10:08:06PM +1000]:
> (...)
> 3. Delete the affected drivers as they're reported.  Stop supporting
> any drivers that contain binary firmware that may get them removed
> should someone report them.
> Although this will inconvenience many of our users, this is the only
> course of action that I find to be viable at this point in time.
> The reason that I'm stopping any support for these drivers even if
> I don't remove them straight away is that I do not wish to spend
> time to investigate/fix issues only for that effort to be rendered
> useless when the driver is removed from main when someone reports them
> for containing non-free firmware.
> The reason that I'm not removing them straight away is a feeble
> attempt on my part to minimise the effect on our users.  I know
> quite a number of other drivers that are affected by this issue.
> No I won't be telling you where they are.  If you want them all
> to be removed, you'll have to find them yourselves and report
> them.

I agree with your reasoning. Just please add a note in NEWS.Debian,
telling the user that if he needs the support for the mentioned
drivers, he can download a kernel from kernel.org or any such site and
compile it as usual.


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