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Re: udev device naming policy concerns

I demand that Nathanael Nerode may or may not have written...

> Marco d'Itri wrote:
>> On Apr 02, Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> wrote:
>>> Clearly, the flat layout works. The major semi-technical objection to it
>>> ("too may entries") is solved by udev.
>> No. The major technical objection to the old-style layout is that
>> non-positional names like sdX and hdX are a PITA for non-trivial systems
>> because drives may change name when new ones are plugged in.

> Isn't it possible to fix this in a sane way without switching to the devfs
> system wholesale

It looks possible to me: you'll need /etc/udev/{ide,scsi}-devfs.sh, and the
IDE and SCSI block device lines from /etc/udev/udev-devfs.rules.

(Hmm. Naming by some hardware thing such as location on the PCI bus may be
more sensible; imagine built-in IDE plus two IDE cards, and you remove the
first IDE card. That'll result in a host number change somewhere; probably
the other IDE card. That said, that too falls down if you're moving cards
around to try to resolve conflicts...)

> (given that devfs naming includes crazy things like LUN directories for IDE
> drives)?

I wouldn't call it crazy, at least for that reason: it provides consistent
naming of drives and partitions regardless of whether they're IDE, SCSI or
whatever. (What do SATA drives appear as?)

Long-winded - I'll definitely call it that.

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