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Re: New summary: Binary peripheral software

J.D. Hood writes:
> Originally the word 'firmware' referred to software stored in non-
> volatile memory.

Originally the word 'firmware' referred to software stored in non-volatile
_read only_ memory.  The term has been extended to include software stored
in field-alterable non-volatile memory.  Devices that use it come with it
already installed.

> However, if everyone is willing to define 'firmware' so that it refers to
> software running on peripherals (so that my computer's BIOS isn't
> firmware but the program that gets loaded into my computer's DSP chip to
> make it implement a modem _is_ firmware) then I'll go along with that.

Please either use the term 'firmware' correctly or call the stuff being
discussed 'peripheral software'.

The BIOS is non-free firmware but as Debian doesn't distribute it it is
none of our concern.
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