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Re: Renaming GNUstep packages

Le dim 04/04/2004 à 03:13, Evan Prodromou a écrit :
> >>>>> "GM" == Glenn Maynard <g_deb@zewt.org> writes:
>     GM> (Sorry, Evan, but I simply don't believe that you can't
>     GM> understand the problem with using the extremely generic
>     GM> package name "terminal".
> I comprehend; I don't agree.
> I comprehend that there is a theoretical possibility of confusion on
> the part of users who somehow see the package name without reading the
> descriptions*.

*theoretical* !

> I also comprehend that the name 'terminal' could be needed for, say,
> some kind of console data or for a pseudo-package, like
> 'x-terminal-emulator'. But it's not used for that, and it's not really
> likely to, barring a major reorganization of Debian.

Can't you simply understand that "terminal" is not sufficient for a
package name. The X terminal is named xterm, not term or terminal. The
GNOME terminal is named gnome-terminal, and the KDE terminal is named
konsole. None of these names is confusing.

> I comprehend that folks seem to think that there's something
> unsporting about snatching the gorgeous prize of the 'terminal' name,
> and using it to promote this package or perhaps GNUstep in general. I
> don't agree with the underlying model of ruthless competition between
> packages.

This is the only thing you are going to achieve nevertheless.

> I mostly just like doing the Right Thing. In my opinion, the Right
> Thing here is following the de facto standard for application
> packages: using the upstream software's name as the package
> name. Other GNUstep application packages don't deviate from this.
> I realize that every rule has its exceptions, but I don't see the
> above arguments as really convincing me that 'terminal' is one.

Can't you at least do this for GNUstep users? *Your* users? When I'm
looking for an application for my GNOME desktop, it is much easier to
find in a apt-cache search result listing when the name is gsomething or
gnome-something. Can't you do this at least for your users, who will be
much less confused if they see gnustep-something or gstep-something?
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