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Re: Re: Ancient architecture

Clint Adams wrote:

>> Even if you don't care about the buildd load, you should care about the
>> people who will download the new package to get the rather minor fix.
>> Fix the typo, mark it as "pending", and wait until there's a real reason
>> to upload. If the typo is the only outstanding bug, upload it when we
>> get close to a freeze, or something.
> I disagree.  It's better for bugs to be fixed in a timely fashion than
> to sit there tagged "pending" for a year and a half.
Absolutely.  Every pending bug should be fixed by an upload within a month.

However, delaying a typo-upload until it's a few weeks after the last
upload, or there are other bugs to fix, seems reasonable.  :-)

Make sure your vote will count.

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