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Re: udev device naming policy concerns

Theodore Ts'o dijo [Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 07:37:18PM -0500]:
> As I've already said, Debian Policy requires the FHS, and quoting from 
> /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/fhs/fhs.txt.gz:
> (...)
> This document is located here, and specifies the flat namespace:
> http://www.lanana.org/docs/device-list/devices.txt

Right, I remember it was somewhere there, I read it when you pointed
us at it :)

> Hence, the flat namespace is already mandated by Debian Policy.  And
> for good reason, as you point out:
> > Too many packages will depend on the location of some device files,
> > as was mentioned previously in this discussion.

But the reference is not straight - The Debian policy points at the
FHS, the FHS points at LANANA. I think we should at least note this in
our own documents, stating it is so in order to comply with the
documents we are following.

I know this could be extrapolated to require us to add tons of links
to our policy... But even so, I think those links are not unneeded


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