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Re: Renaming packages

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 04:54:41PM -0500, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> If there's another package or pseudo-package that needs the name
> 'terminal', I'm all ears.

Your argument, as I understand, carries weight insofar as the upstream 
package is named Terminal.  You wish to use the package's "Real Name."

Since no other upstream such as Konsole or Gnome-Terminal has written an 
application named "Terminal", until somebody writes one there's no 

The counter-argument is that "terminal" confuses people into thinking 
it's *the* preferred terminal (I know I certainly got that impression 
about viewpdf and camera).

Another counter argument is that while any upstream could have already 
written "Terminal," none did, probably to avoid precisely this 
confusion.  Now we have to decide what to do with the single Upstream 
that didn't.

On #debian-devel they suggested referring this to the upstream, with an 
agreement and both sides presented.  It seems to me it comes down to 
whether you weigh the package-name-same-as-upstream argument more than 
the confusing-package-name argument.

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