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Re: Release update

Scripsit "cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)" <cobaco@linux.be>

> > As I understand this (correct me if I'm wrong), when update-rc.d
> > is called (.postinst ?) by a package, it is unable to know if it's
> > performing an install (create the links) or an update (don't touch
> > anything).

> I'm probably missing  something, but is their any reason way it doesn't just 
> check whether the /etc/init.d/<package> script is there?

It wouldn't learn anything by checking - when postinst runs, the
script is *always* there (unless the sysadmin has forcefully removed
it even from /etc/init.d/, which seems a little extreeme).

Henning Makholm  "They discussed old Tommy Somebody and Jerry Someone Else."

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