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Re: Release update


On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 03:30:55PM +0200, Patrice Fortier wrote:
> Quoted from Henning Makholm:
> > > What is the reason for this behaviour?
> > 
> > It is easy to implement in update-rc.d without needing specific
> > support from the maintainer scripts to tell it whether the
> > package is being installed anew or just updated (or resurrected from
> > removed-but-not-purged state).
> As I understand this (correct me if I'm wrong), when update-rc.d
> is called (.postinst ?) by a package, it is unable to know if it's
> performing an install (create the links) or an update (don't touch
> anything).

it's possible to know in the postinst whether you are performing a fresh
install or an upgrade, which is a much more accurate way of determining
what to do with symlinks in /etc/rc?.d.  

> I'm probably missing  something, but is their any reason way it doesn't just 
> check whether the /etc/init.d/<package> script is there? You could then 
> then do with the /etc/rc?.d/ links what you want.

if someone removes a package without purgeing, re-installing it will
seem like an upgrade with these tests. 


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