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Re: Renaming packages

>>>>> "FK" == Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

    Me> Sorry for the list noise; the bug reporter used what appears to
    Me> be a fake email address to report these bugs,

    FK> Did you _check_ that? Many people use such addresses for real
    FK> communication.

I checked that it appeared to be a fake email address, yes. It turns
out it wasn't. My mistake! Sorry, then, for posting to the list
unnecessarily, and for impugning William Ballard's character. He filed
righteous bug reports.

    FK> At least for terminal emulators it is practice to _not_ use
    FK> the name "terminal", but rather xterm, wterm, aterm, rxvt,
    FK> etc.pp.

I don't think the 'xterm' package is called that to avoid using the
name 'terminal'. 'xterm' is called 'xterm' because the upstream
software package is called 'xterm'. The same goes for 'aterm' and
'rxvt' and 'wterm' and all the others you mention.

'gnome-terminal' installs a program called, according to its About
box, 'GNOME Terminal'. 'konsole' is a package that installs the KDE
Konsole program.

Anyways: I don't see a better, more policy-compliant name than
'terminal'. I _can_ think of a few ways to alter the name that would
make it not a dictionary word, like 'gnustep-*' or '*-gnustep' or
'gs-*' or '*-gs' or '*.app'.

If and when a more specific policy for package names for GNUstep apps
comes up, I'll be happy to rename the GNUstep packages I maintain. But
I don't plan on guessing what that naming pattern would be now, and
then have to rename the packages again later if I guessed wrong.


Evan Prodromou

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