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Re: Split packages providing services (Re: Release update)

Le jeu 01/04/2004 à 22:07, Zefram a écrit :

> Splitting the packages also allows a distinction in the dependencies of
> other software.  "Depends: bazd-server" (i.e., bazd running and doing
> stuff) should be distinct from "Depends: bazd" (i.e., bazd available
> on disk).

Except that if bazd-server isn't there, it does't mean that it's not
running. And if I didn't installed bazd-server, it's maybe to make my
custom scripts and _not_ have yours.
You can also have a case where it is installed, but not running

What I mean is that you can't make any assumptions on what's "running"
based on which package is installed.

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