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Re: [custom] Updated docs regarding meta package building

Regarding this subject, there's going to be a Conference at Valencia,
Spain on May 6th, 7th and 8th, and I am in charge of making a list of
all the people involved, interested or working on the subject
(especially Debian Developers, or NM). Speaking Spanish is a plus, too.

I will be the public relations with all the "Experts" (that's what they
call you in the press release, and I think they fall short ;-) ).
I will be your interface to the organizers. And I will be pleased and
honoured to try to do my best at it.

The press release for the conference (Spanish only, sorry) is at:
(Translations to English more than wellcome).

This list I am making is intended to help organizers priorize
sponsorship for travel and hosting expenses. And one big part of the
event is a workshop on Custom Debian Based Distros. 

As many of you are already aware of, there are several regional Debian
Based Distros being developed and deployed by the Spanish Public
Administration. These are Linex, Guadalinex, Lliurex and Max, AFAIK).
Many more regions are starting their own CDBD. 

Our next battle is Debian-Lex and Debian-Med. Debian-Edu is also still
*very* interesting to us. I believe debian-desktop efforts are of much
interest too.

So, if you either are a Debian Developer, in NM, speak or are Spanish,
are involved in one of the mentioned projects, please send me an email,
privately so as not to make noise on this list. If you are a DD, please
gpg-sign your email.

I need certain information that will be kept private at all times and
will only be used in order to design the budget, which is:

- Full Name 
- City of origin 
- Project you are involved with, regarding the concerns detailed above

In case you know of someone who should be there, but hasn't read this
announcement, please feel free to forward.

Once the budget for sponsorship is closed, people will start receiving
formal invitations.

On a side note, I must say Valencia is a pretty, sunny, close to the
beach, and hospitable. It's not the caribean, though, but a very nice
place anyway. The the local cousine is excellent. Spanish people is
usually loud and friendly, and the event will very likely be a nice

So send out those emails, and don't expect an answer from me real soon.
But you will know your application result in due time. 

Thanks to all of you for making the best distro that allows me to
proudly advocate/evangelize my government with/about, and excuse my
excited, sometmes wrong English  :-)

 .''`. Yo también estaba en esos trenes. I was also on those trains  
: :' :    
`. `'      Proudly running Debian GNU/Linux (Sid 2.6.4 Ext3)  
  `-   www.amayita.com  www.malapecora.com  www.chicasduras.com

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