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Re: Improvements to Debian

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Pascal Hakim wrote:
Well, where I live it is not Aprils fools day and thus I like to try
some useful comments:

>    Simple changes like renaming the old ``unstable'' distribution is
> not enough however, and we must be willing to do more. My next step is
> to propose that we merge together the Debian Mirrors Team, and the
> FTP-master team, and have them known simply as ``couriers''. Any
> Debian Developer with a ``phat pipe'', would be allowed to join such a
> team, provided their nickname sounded futuristic enough.
You might try to have a look at


>    Another one of the main issues facing Debian is the lack of general
> user-friendliness. A number of people have commented over the years
Or the whole paper in general ...


It addresse issues for users.  I'm in the very comfortable situation
that I'm feeling much more stupid than many other developers and thus
I'm able to see Debian from a stupid users point of view.  Thus it was
an easy task to write down what I'm missing ...

Kind regards


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