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Re: Release update

Le lun 29/03/2004 à 23:28, Josip Rodin a écrit :

> >   The doesn't deal with networking services installed without choice
> >  as I tried to explain previously.
> You mean that mention of nfs-common and portmap? I didn't see that the last
> time I used the installer. If I had, I would have filed a bug about it.
> If you do, please report it.

OK so here is what I have running after a desktop install:

 - inetd, with daytime, time, discard and identd allowed
 - openssh (as daemon) (1)
 - lpd
 - portmap (2)
 - nfs-common

There may be more, I don't remeber :(

I had updates for ssh, portmap and nfs-common last week, and
each update restarted its service even if I had disabled them
(update-rc.d -f xxx remove). As a sidenote, I find this _very_
irritating... I'd like this policy enforced for these scripts

(1) When updating, you're asked if you want the ssh service
started. Whatever the answer, it will be started anyway. This is
a known ssh package bug and it won't be fixed (so I suggest not
asking the question :)).

(2) portmap is also started in /etc/rcS.d/S41 to mount network
partitions in /etc/rcS.d/S45mountnfs.sh. I complained about that
but I was explained that it was for people with nfs /usr system.
Maybe we (you :)) could ckeck this case at install time (or
first boot) to avoid this second Sxxportmap (it's also started
in /etc/rc2.d/S18portmap) during boot single.

Do you want me to fill bug reports, and for which...packages (as
the update problem with /etc/rc?.d/ scripts seems to be general)?


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