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Re: Bug#239952: kernel-source-2.6.4: qla2xxx contains non-free firmware

John Hasler wrote:

> Don Armstrong writes:
>> I'm not sure at all what the firmware being a RTOS has to do with it's
>> distributability.
> The hardware vendor may have licensed the RTOS from a company which is in
> the RTOS business and is therefor very unlikely to free the source.
> This is likely to be a continuing problem: licensing "IP" under
> _extremely_ restrictive conditions is routine in the hardware business.

I must agree that it's a continuing problem.  So the question is: should
Debian abandon its principles in the face of problems, or "remain 100%
free", even when it's quite difficult?

I think you know what line 1 of the Social Contract says.  I think you know
what Debian's users demand.

Make sure your vote will count.

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