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Re: Bug#239952: kernel-source-2.6.4: qla2xxx contains non-free firmware

#include <hallo.h>
* John Hasler [Fri, Mar 26 2004, 08:03:41AM]:

> > a) firmware chunks under the GPL
> > b) under distribution-hostile licenses 
> > The first ones are okay, the situation is not different than PNG images
> > distributed with GPL packages.
> Then you would see no problem with a GPL browser with a 300,000 byte blob
> of binary code in it?

If this browser is part of additional hardware that I buy knowing that
there is special software running inside, yes. Otherwise, don't give
things a false color. 

(I know you like it, I remember the KNOPPIX rants).

Wußten Sie schon...
... daß Haarspray gegen Glatzen überhaupt keine Wirkung zeigt, da aus
der Dose keine Haare herauskommen?

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