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Re: If it's that easy! :-) (Novell and YaST vs. Debian)

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 05:02:00PM +0100, Martin Albert wrote:
> > >> > Hopefully nobody ITPs YaST, now that it's GPLed...
> >
> > Why ... is there any good for avoiding Yast in debian?
> > First, I think, there are some people using debian, which want to use
> > yast for configuring their systems. In my opinion, webmin is not a
> > really alternative as configuration utility at all.
> >
> > In my opinion, yast should included as configuration utility, but as
> > installer for the whole system.
> Wow, there must be two programs under the same name out there.
> Giving courses to people that had about 2-3 month of experience with the 
> system that i know yast of, i started with "Install and config a 
> webserver to serve your $HOME/public_html dir". Installing Debian 
> _while_ saying this, i then typed "apt-get install apache" and had a 
> coffee break. Returning, 1 system out of 25 had it done. After 3 months 
> the final exam "client/server w. eth-bridge and samba (and lots more)"
> was carried out 100% Debian, except some clients (better kde@that_time).
> Discussing yast and 'improving user experience' in parallel threads 
> seems contradictory to me, but then, as you wrote, you don't have to 
> use it. I mean, i'm not objecting ITP, in case it is found to be of use 
> for anything except getting #1000000 out.

Au contraire.  YaST and 'improving user experience' are definitely
parallel; they do not meet at any point, neither in past, present, or
future... =)


Regards: David Weinehall
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