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Re: Configuration (File) System

> Why not using the filesystem instead of a config file in the first place 
> to store key - value (or key - list of values) pairs? I think of 
> something like (content of the file in parentheses as example)
> /etc/myfancypackage/buffersize       (1024)
> /etc/myfancypackage/maintaineremail  (hugo@willi.org)
> /etc/myfancypackage/makebackups      (yes)
> ... and so on.
> (Think of /proc/sys/kernel as an example, too).
> Then everything is in one (filesystem-) namespace and no fancy "config 
> file parsing" is needed. This "one namespace" is one of the ideas behind 
> reiserfs (see www.namesys.com).
> Regards,
> 	Tilo

Since these things are basicly up to the programmer of the software in
question. It would be a good thing to make filesystem configs easier
(code some library for it?), but it's still up to the developer to use

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