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Re: experimental buildd

christophe barbe <christophe@cattlegrid.net> writes:

> On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 10:43:41AM -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
>> > Is it possible to setup buildd for experimental?
>> Considering about 95% (or more) of all Debian systems are i386, and a
>> small fraction of users actually use anything in experimental, who gives
>> a rat's ass if it's autobuilt?
> Ouah. That's the spirit of the Free Software Community, ignore the
> minority. But why are we still building packages for 10 architectures
> that represent presumably less than 5%.
> Seriously Brian, with your resonning and the fact that Windows is still the
> OS of more than 95% of today computers, why are you wasting your time with
> GNU/Linux? 

Uhh, I'm not saying we should drop support for all non-i386
architectures in Debian.  I'm only asking why it's so important for
experimental to be autobuilt if, in all likelihood, no one will *ever*
use the non-i386 packages.  And, if there happens to be demand for a
particular non-i386 package, why not build it for the needed arch and
upload it?  That would be far less effort than having to maintain
buildd's for experimental.

> You should look at the autobuilder logs and perhaps you will get a clue
> of their importance.

And what's so important in the autobuilder logs that you couldn't
discover with, say, pbuilder?

You win again, gravity!

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