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Re: ppp bug and maintainer's negative attitude

Hi Andrea,

> Again acting on advice from my DD friends, I am posting here asking for
> help: what else can it be done to solve this issue? Rebuilding the ppp
> package from unstable on stable isn't feasible because of complex
> dependecies and, again, the whole point of using stable is not having to
> care about such things (to a certain extent, granted).

This shouldn't be needed, #175480 contains a short patch that seems to 
apply against the package in woody.


Herbert stated in #175480 that this problem was "tripping a lot of 
people running 2.4.18 and later".

Is there any problem why an upload of ppp with the patch from #175480
to stable-proposed-updates would cause problems?

> Best regards and thanks in advance,
> Andrea.



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