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Re: Kernel 2.6 packages for Debian 3.0 Alpha 1

This should have gone to this list as well...

On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 08:42, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Sorry for the cross-post. This is the only mail advertising these
> packages I'll send to these lists. 
> There's a low traffic (approx. 1 Mail/week) announcement mailing list
> that informs you about new releases of these packages (including
> security fixes in the packages). To subscribe send a mail with
> "subscribe debian-packages" in the body to majordomo@fs.tum.de .
> I've prepared some packages for people who want to run kernel 2.6 on 
> Debian 3.0.

I looked at your backport pages, I did not know about those yet. But I
knew about Norbert's backport (backports.org). Wouldn't it be possible
to put your efforts together?


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